Jason Basner

Coming from a musical family, I have been interested in music from a very young age. I remember being so fascinated with my dad playing guitar and began begging him for drum sticks to play on our pots and pans. In third grade, I started playing clarinet in my middle school band.

I discovered rock music when my dad brought our family to see the Rolling Stones when I was 11. After that, I knew I had to play guitar. I started taking lessons at the Paul Green School of Rock, where I picked up an interest in bass guitar.

I was invited to join a band when I was in 8th grade, which Brandon also happened to be a part of. From then on I learned to juggle guitar lessons, band practice, and football practice until the end of high school. Currently, I am a student at William Paterson University and I’m working on learning some new instruments including the saxophone and trombone.

I’m striving to becoming the best musician I can be.