The Schwam is an independent rock/ska/punk band based in Paramus, New Jersey. The band consists of singer and lead guitarist Brandon Bachrach; bassist Jason Basner; saxophonist, singer and guitarist Jon Rosario; drummer Mike Marguccio, Bryan George on trumpet and Casey Fulvi on Tenor Sax. They were founded in February 2011 by Brandon and Jason, who have played in various rock bands together since 2007. The two met when they were invited to join the same band, and have been growing together musically ever since.

In February 2012, Jon joined The Schwam, bringing with him new influences that added to the bands already eclectic style. In February 2013, after many others had come and gone, Mike occupied the drum throne. Redefining the band’s rhythmic foundation. A year later, February 2014, Bryan supplemented the band’s sound with his trumpet, changing the direction of the band for the better. In June of 2017, Casey Fulvi became the official Tenor Saxophonist and completed the Schwam family.

The Schwam is all about musical expression, often experimenting with a range of genres. Together, they are heavily influenced by bands such as the Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin and Sublime. But it’s the unique musical taste of each member that gives The Schwam its original sound.

On February 18th 2014, the Schwam released their self-produced debut album, Outrun The Sun, which consists of 12 original tracks. 2016 welcomes the release of the 5 song EP “Thursday Night Burrito Fight”, featuring original songs influenced by completely different genres of music. Metal, Folk, Disco, and Hip Hop. The Schwam is actively participating in the New Jersey local music scene and plan to continue working hard to make new music and expand their already diverse style.